Tunnel in the Sky - Heinlein

Tunnel in the Sky

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"...more people worry themselves to death than bleed to death."

"But intelligence can find solutions where there are none. Psychologists once locked an ape in a room, for which they had arranged only four ways of escaping. Then they spied on him to see which of the four he would find.
The ape escaped a fifth way."

" The death rate is the same for us as for anybody...one person, one death sooner or later."

"Rod...were you born that stupid? Or did you have to study?"

"I've said this nineteen dozen times but you still don't believe it. Man is the one animal that can't be tamed. He goes along for years, peaceful as a cow, when it suits him. Then when it suits him not to be, he makes a leopard look like a tabby cat. Which goes double for the female of the species."